Koala Bands is part of a small company based in Florida. Our interest in occlusion training became a “thing” 2 years ago when one of us saw a bodybuilder tying a knee wrap on their arms. This piqued our interest right away, and we decided to educate ourselves on the topic. After searching for the best bands, we decided to try some that were on the market, but we found many issues with them:

1: They pinched our skins

2: The buckle did not hold the bands and they did not look good

3: They were pretty expensive for a pair of bands

4: The bands were not thick enough to perform occlusion training the right way

5: They would not last

With this being said, we researched for months on how to tackle these issues and we decided to come up with our PATENT PENDING DESIGN. Today we are able to present you with our premium blood flow restriction bands. The 2.0 Koala Bands!


Every month we choose a random charity and we donate a small percentage of our profits. When you purchase Koala Bands you are making a contribution!